29 July 2006

cognitive dissonance

psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

Like Hugh Laurie on House. I know he’s British. I’ve seen him in all those period dramas with the flouncy collars and tall hats. And I know he actually has a British accent. But now I see him every week on TV chattering away in a flawless USA-ian dialect. So, when I then see him interviewed or in a movie or something when his is using is actual, real accent...it just seems fake. But again, since I know it is in fact not fake, it causes the brain to sigh and need a stiff drink. Ditto Christian Bale as Batman. Of course, he muddled things up even more by insisting on doing press for the movie in his American accent from the movie. You know, cause he didn’t want to confuse the kids with Batman suddenly sounding all different. Don’t know about the kids, but he did confuse me. So, I have something I know to be true, but I’m looking right at something that completely contradicts that belief. Hence, the resulting…well, see above.

Older American Hugh, meet younger British Hugh...

05 April 2006

Hi there!