21 December 2007

I do love a good end of the year top 100 list

Has anyone else been watching VH1's Top 100 Songs of the 1990's? That shit is an addictive trip down memory lane. It's also weird because I tend to get the late 80's and early 90's jumbled together in my head, musically speaking. So for a number of these songs, I'm like "dude, that came out in the 90's?" Like I'm Too Sexy. And Ice Ice Baby? And Gonna Make You Sweat? They just have such an 80's feel about them. Ditto Jump Jump. That is wiggity wiggity wiggit wack. (Although I prefer Warm it Up.) {an aside, what on earth did we do before youtube?}

Also, we've made it all the way to the top 20 and...no Nirvana songs? However you feel about them, that was the band of the 90's. I'm assuming Smells Like Teen Spirit will be #1 (the episode counting down numbers 20-1 airs tonight), but nothing else? Also, no Brittney yet. 1998 brought us Baby One More Time. You know that is in there somewhere...top 5 for sure. Alas, 100 songs is not very many when you're talking about 10 years.

Anyway, it's a fun countdown, and entertaining to have all the above mixed in with Dr. Dre and Christina Aguilera and Eminem and *nsync. Quite a random assortment we had in the 90's.

17 December 2007

Hey Hey Tampa Bay

"It took 32 seasons and 1,865 tries, but the Bucs finally returned a kickoff for a touchdown Sunday."

That's right, ya'll. We've won a Superbowl since the dark days of...say all of the 1980's and 1/2 of the 1990's, but we've never run a kick-off back for a touchdown. That seems so incredible, I mean other teams have done that several times in a season. Alas, the Bucs were never able to until yesterday.

How about a rousing chorus of "Hey Hey Tampa Bay"? The Bucs know how to shine, indeed. (Or, if you prefer a more modern ditty, here is the updated version. Or perhaps you would fancy the hip hop classic (although somewhat dated) "Welcome to Ray Jay"?

Also, how random is it that the same guy who owns the Bucs also owns Manchester United?

13 December 2007

an open letter to Jason Lee

Dear Jason,

The Chipmunks? Really?


Look Jason, I've been right there with you for a while. Loved Brodie Bruce...to a disturbing degree, come to think of it, considering he was actually kind of a dick. Ditto Banky, a veritable Prince Charming compared to that tool Affleck's Holden. Loved Skip Skipperton in the little known Mumford (love that Loren Dean as well)...kind of creepy but adorable. Also Puggy in Big Trouble (very odd character, and the hair was disturbing, but he had a good heart). You were the charming guy we were rooting for to get the girl in Kissing a Fool and Heartbreakers (allowing me to ignore the presence of David Schwimmer and Jennifer Love Hewitt respectively). Then you score a big break out role in Almost Famous and ultimately end up as the endlessly charming Earl Hickey. Fine work there, skater boy.

These things engendered a warm feeling and built you a solid base with me, even allowing me to overlook the following: You are a Scientologist.

But now I see you are involved in (nay, starring in) Alvin and the Chipmunks, yet another holiday nightmare that is being inflicted upon us. So much about this whole endeavor is just plain wrongheaded. To wit:
  • The Chipmunks were annoying in the 60's (I cannot change the station fast enough when I hear that Chipmunk Christmas song) and remain so to this day. Why bring that back? What is enjoyable about those super annoying high singing voices? I don't get it.
  • Do we really need another entry into the "frustrated parent figure dealing with mischievous rapscallion-like children" film genre. I know I'm supposed to find the little scamps charming, but I usually just want to smack them.
  • I take the same stand I have taken with Scooby-doo, the Grinch, Garfield, and countless others: Cartoons do not need to be remade into live action movies.
Leaving aside all that, Jason, I had just hoped you were better than this. You are the star of a network TV show now, do you really need to do the Chipmunks? And while it is nice to see you all clean-shaven and minus that ubiquitous Burt Reynolds-esque Earl mustache, that's not enough to get me to see this flick.

A paycheck is a paycheck I guess, and you do have an oddly named child to feed. I just hope little Pilot Inspektor
appreciates it...

11 December 2007

America is big, ya'll

So apparently there are huge dramatic ice storms hitting the midwest. I am unable to comprehend that fact, as it is currently 65 degrees outside (at 9 in the morning, the high is going to be damn near 80). It doesn't really seem like there should be such divergent weather conditions is the same country.

Although, Florida often feels like part of a completely different nation. More like one in the southern hemisphere, where Christmas is supposed to be warm. We are having our holiday luncheon here at work today...not really feeling the Xmas spirit, weather wise. Hopefully there is some cool headed our way.

06 December 2007

sing it, ladies

So I was only in the bagel place this morning long enough to order up and pay for a bagel and fill my cup with beverage, but it was long enough to hear 2 songs playing on the restaurant sound system. Those 2 songs? 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton and Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton. I don't know if I happened in while they were playing their Hits of the '80's, the Ladies Edition or what, but it was odd.

Also, I haven't heard either of those songs in years (although I have seen the movie 9 to 5 somewhat recently. I tend to watch at least a bit of it every time I stumble across it on cable, which is fairly often since it is always on. I love that movie. Plus, I never get tired of everyone calling Dabney Coleman a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.) But, I still knew all the words to both of these songs. Every. Single. Word.

Just more stuff taking up the space in my brain where things like algebra used to be.