30 March 2008

It's springtime, Tallahassee...

Also, it's Springtime Tallahassee. I did not attend the festivities this weekend. Mostly due to the fact that I spent several years living at the start of the parade route, where staging would begin bright and early on a Saturday morning. But, that's a story for another time...

I will discuss the fact that Tally is lovely this time of year. I remember a slogan from when I was a kid--I don't recall if it was specifically for Springtime Tallahassee or if it was just some general Chamber of Commerce-y thing--"Tallahassee, where springtime comes first". To that I say, "word". It's still cold in lots of the U.S., but not here. Balmy and blooming like mad. Check out the flowery-ness just in my yard alone (and these are just random camera phone pics taken on the spur of the moment):

And those are just the azaleas. We also got dogwoods, wisteria, camellias, it's a madhouse of blooming things. And pollen galore...not a happy time for the allergy prone. But everything looks so pretty...

27 March 2008

Things I've Learned: Wilhelm Scream

It's been quite the educational week...

Have you ever noticed a familiar sounding scream in a movie? Did it sound like this?

That's the Wilhelm Scream, popping up in movies since 1951. Lots of movies. Star Wars seems to be responsible for its re-popularization and apparently it's a big in-joke amongst sound editors.

The suspected screamer is Sheb Wooley. (Also responsible for the Purple People Eater.) Entertaining.

Check out this Short film on it's history.

It's a totally weird sounding scream, though.

25 March 2008

Things I've Learned: Bespoke

Bespoke is the British equivalent of "custom made". You can get bespoke shoes, or bespoke suits (ideally from Savile Row), or bespoke software. Excellent term.

06 March 2008

People I don't care to meet...

Spotted while waiting for a traffic light:

The vehicle: giant white ford pick-up

The license plate: the "choose life" anti-abortion one

The bumper stickers: #1 "Social Security is broken, so why do we want to add 12,000,000 illegals to it?" #2 "You think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free"

You know, it's one kind of guy that has those opinions. But, it's a whole other kind of guy who also feels the need to display them prominently on his car...