29 February 2008

honestly, they have no clue what's up there...

Apparently, since like yesterday, there is another new planet. Now that little contest winner girl is obsolete....

Actually, upon closer inspection, they don't even say they found a new planet, they say,
"If research is conducted on a wide scale, the planet is likely to be discovered in less than 10 years".

Umm...so it's an article announcing that they think there may be a new planet somewhere and they could possibly find it some time in the next decade or so? How is this news? That's just random speculation. I'm so confused...

27 February 2008

they really can't decide what's happening up there...

Umm...did you know there are 11 planets now? Yeah, not only did Pluto not get the boot (just a downgrade to "dwarf planet") but he brought his friends Ceres and Eris with him. This also necessitated a new mnemonic. No longer did My Very Excellent Mother Just Serve Us Nine Pizzas. Instead, My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants. Good to know...

Although, there are apparently as many as 42 other things floating around up there that could also be classified as dwarf planets. Good luck coming up with that mnemonic.

15 February 2008

7 unrelated things

1. I went to the FSU/Wake Forrest basketball game last night. During the time outs, they always have little games and activities and whatnot to entertain the fans...like no one can just fend for themselves for the 30 seconds or 3 minutes or whatever. A feature of one of the time outs is the “kiss cam” where they point a camera at random couples in the stands and they appear on the big jumbotron scoreboard screen. When you see yourselves up there, you are then supposed to kiss. I hate the kiss cam. Aside from it just being lame and weird, it’s also creepy. They just point it at people they think are couples, but they don’t really know. I mean, what if the 2 people they select are siblings? Or father and daughter? Or 2 people having an affair? Or some person who just happened to be sitting next to you at a basketball game? Kiss cam sucks. (Although, this is kind of entertaining...)

What is up with the weather today? When I got up it was in the 30’s, yet the high is supposed to be 75 today. North Florida weather is so screwy. As usual, layers are the answer.

3. Where is a cop when you need one? Several cars blew past me this morning going at least 50 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. Of course, 2 seconds later we were all stopped at the same traffic light, so it’s not like their reckless speeding (in a residential area, by the way) got them where they were going any faster.

4. When did they stop making sweaters with full length sleeves? I need a plain black v-neck sweater, which seems like it should be an easy enough item to find. But, every single sweater I find…3/4 length sleeves. Is this just a Florida thing or what? I stand by my philosophy “cold enough for a sweater, cold enough for sleeves”.

5. Did you hear what Jane Fonda said on the Today show? Whatever...it’s the name of the monologue people. It’s just a word…(also, check this out. In FL, of course...)

6. This whole superdelegate thing seems a bit shady…very “smoke filled room”.

7. Hey, it’s a leap year! Extra February for everyone!

06 February 2008


On sports radio, discussing college signing day:

"This isn't horseshoes, second doesn't count."

Umm...it's "close" that doesn't count in horseshoes, not "second"

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05 February 2008

Bumper stickers

Spotted on a generic sporty type car: "Jesus loves you. Everyone else
thinks you're an asshole."

Speaking on behalf of everyone else, I concur.

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04 February 2008

7 unrelated things

  1. I love when I actually care how a sporting event turns out and it turns out that way. Not that I’m a big Giants fan, I just find the Patriots annoying. So full of themselves. Also, it was nice for Eli to get out of Peyton’s shadow for a bit. Although, where does that leave Cooper?

  2. What was up with that short-sleeved hoodie that Belichick was rocking? What’s the point of that? It’s like wearing a short-sleeved suit jacket or something. If it’s cold enough for a sweatshirt, it’s cold enough for sleeves. Just push the sleeves up like a normal person, dude.

  3. The library just notified me that the book I requested is available for pick-up. They provide such amazing service. How great is it that I ask for a book (just fill out a short, online form from the comfort of my home) and they either buy it or get it from another library for me? Use your library, people…

  4. I got an iphone this weekend. It may in fact be the coolest thing ever. Every time I look at it I expect it to emit a heavenly glow and for a chorus of angels to start singing…

  5. When I was putting on my pants this morning, I noticed that the laundry tag says "Machine wash, gentle cycle, inside out". What? They are plain, black, cotton, normal pants. What possible harm could befall them via a regular cycle right-side-out washing?

  6. I made granola last night, which turned out totally tasty. I put in oats, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, rice krispies, and almonds and sweetened it with honey and maple syrup and brown sugar. It baked up all golden and crunchy and delicious. And, it's super easy. It's like dump in ingredients, mix, dump on cookie sheet, bake.

  7. You know that part of the theme song to The Jeffersons where it goes “fish don’t fry in the kitchen; beans don’t burn on the grill”? What’s that about?

03 February 2008

How did that happen?

Holy crap! The Giants actually won. Go Eli!

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Mobile blog set-up

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Check it out, now I can blog from my phone. Cool...


01 February 2008

something for everyone

Happy Black History Month everyone. This month is also shared with Library Lovers Month (hooray, libraries!), American Heart Month, Marijuana Awareness Month, National Condom Week, National Children's Dental Health Month, Pet Dental Health Month, National Hot Breakfast Month, Bake for Family Fun Month, National Bird Feeding Month, International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month, and in Canada, National Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month. And actually lots more.

February also brings us Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, the Super Bowl, Valentines Day (whatever, made up holiday), the Daytona 500, and the Westminster Dog Show, as well as days to celebrate the births of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, my friend Lady Byron, and little old me.

band names from life...

Potential band name: Lola at the Bible

Origin: On a recent visit to the Library of Congress, my pal Rakes and I were tagging along with a tour group. The leader was going to take the group over to see the Guttenberg Bible (which thankfully has nothing to do with Steve Guttenberg) but he needed to see if the previous group had cleared out of the way: “Let me just see if my colleague Lola is still over at the Bible…”