26 June 2007

Buffalo x 8 = headache

Something from my friend Rakes to jostle your brain. Conveniently, we share a love of bison and the English language.

Check it out

For some reason, this reminds me of my favorite episode of Sanford and Son. Actually, it's one of the few where I remember the plot clearly. Although I watched this show a lot in my youth, I haven't really seen it much since, so the whole thing has kind of blurred into an amalgam of Fred and Aunt Ester and Grady and Rollo and the two Lamonts and "Elizabeth, honey, I'm coming to join you" and "Good Goobily Goop"-an expression I intend to bring back into favor-and "I've got 5 good reasons right here!"-which I also need to start using more. Maybe around the office...

But I digress. In the aforementioned episode Grady thought the wild parsley he planted out in the junkyard was actually marijuana. The cops show up, I don't really remember why, and start asking Fred and Lamont about the plants. I can't remember the exchange exactly (and the internet is failing me at the moment-damn you people who don't find the same things funny that I do and therefore don't post the quoted lines I'm trying to find) but the exchange went something like this:

Cop: What's that?
Lamont: Parsley
Fred: Probably
Lamont: Possibly
Fred: Partially
Cop: It's probably, possibly, partially, parsley?

Then they made a salad and the cops ate the evidence, only it actually
was parsley so I guess it wasn't really evidence. Oh, and Grady thought it gave him the "munchkins" which was also hilarious but not really so reminiscent of the Buffalo thing above.

Also, the Sanford and Son theme song? Rocks. And was written by Quincy Jones. And has a name: "The Streetbeater". And Sanford and Son is based on a British show called Steptoe and Son. And damn, I seem to know way too much about Sanford and Son. So, I will just leave you with the fact that Quincy Jones' daughter is that chick on The Office that Jim met in Stanford and that everyone hated because she was keeping him from being with Pam. Oh, and her mother is Peggy Lipton.

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Barn Owl said...

All that Bison fun!
And all that Sanford & Son commentary! I say the innernets were made for you, gentle one, capricious one. Buffalo buffalo and both Lamonts lamont!