08 August 2007

7 unrelated things

  1. It is hot as blazes outside. An actual temp of like 100 plus the "heat index" is like 110 or something just ridiculous. My old pal Chrome used to say "cold weather is stupid" I think the corollary is that hot weather is unnecessary.
  2. Barry Bonds SUCKS!
  3. I think they finally got new hand soap in the bathroom at work. The old soap smelled all disinfectant-y and that smell stayed on my hands and annoyed the crap out of me to the point that I had to put lotion on my hands immediately after returning to my desk from the bathroom just so that my hands would smell like lotion instead of the irritating soap. But, I just washed my hands in the bathroom, and I notice no lingering bad soap smell. Hooray.
  4. I wish I could shake it like those kids on So, You Think You Can Dance. I watch this show unashamedly cause those youngsters are good. And, unlike American Idol, it's all different styles of dancing...whereas Idol only feature that horrendous Mariah Carrey style singing that makes me want to rip my ears from my head.
  5. I bought this book on making origami boxes, and it is addictive. Anybody need a pretty little box?
  6. Pilates is hard, ya'll.
  7. Is it fall yet? August blows.

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