04 September 2007

google is weird

Ok, I have extolled the virtues of the Urban Dictionary Word of the Day here before. I was checking it out the other day and the word of the day was:


An abbreviation for underground hip-hop. Originally conceived as a soundalike alternative to "indie," which signifies fey boys with jangly guitars.

Undie is the straight shit, brah. The radio is wack.

basically it means "underground indie" (underground + diminutive of independent).to designate a band which works under the "diy" (do it yourself) theory."

(Please note that the random punctuation in the above is pasted straight from the site. They are not so much for the proof reading over there...)

Anyway, whatever. Not a particularly interesting entry...some days are better than others for the word of the day. I bring it up for this reason: I was viewing the entry via my gmail account. You know how uncle google is constantly montering your messages and providing you with those targeted ads (on the right side of the page) based on the subject of your messages? (and if you didn't know that, you should because that is totally what's happening.) Well, these are a couple of the ads it selected based on the message containing the above definition:

Gay Underwear-Today's Top Choices for Gay Underwear
Men's Modern Underwear

Ok, several things:
  1. What makes underwear gay?
  2. Modern underwear? As opposed to like union suits or something?
  3. Why only men's underwear ads? Nothing for the ladies?
Anyway, I find the whole magically appearing topically related ads disturbing anyway. You have a password so people can't read your email, but google seems to be just kicking back browsing through everybody's business. And I realize that it's a computer recognizing words in the text, not an actual little google minion sitting in a back room hunched over a computer chain smoking and reading emails 20 hours a day, but still. Eyes on your own papers, people.

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