04 April 2008

are you kidding me?

So on NPR this morning, there was this story, the gist of which is that due to the increasing animosity and mudslinging between the Barack/Hillary camps:
Recent polling shows that almost 30 percent of Clinton supporters and nearly 20 percent of Obama supporters say that if their preferred candidate doesn't win the nomination, they'll vote Republican.
So, I repeat...Are You KIDDING Me? What is wrong with you people? Talk about cutting off you nose to spite your face.

"Hillary is being mean" "Barack's preacher is racist" Yeah, vote for McCain, that'll show 'em.

4 more years of republican "leadership" is a small price to pay for the smiting of your enemies. Shortsighted vindictiveness...definitely the way to go.



KMS said...
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KMS said...

Bone ugly situation. It feels spiteful and petty (and very selfish). That's the good ole American way...