02 December 2008

Wandering off topic...

So half the time when I start to write something for the blog I end up getting distracted and digress into writing something entirely different from what I had planned to discuss.

For example I saw this article today, in which it is mentioned that Ed Westwick was rumored to have been dating Drew Barrymore. So, my first thought was, what is up with Drew Barrymore dating all these kids? First Justin Long, now Ed Westwick. I mean, she's damn near my age.

Which got me thinking, how old is Drew Barrymore anyway? I mean, I was a kid when E.T. came out, and she was a kid in it, so...do the math.

So, the trusty IMDB tells me that Drew Barrymore is approaching 34, so I was more or less right about her. But then I looked up Justin Long, and I discovered that he is actually 30 years old (June 2, 1978). I had no idea. He's got some sort of Micheal J. Fox/Karate Kid thing going on. Also, completely age appropriate for Drew, so I stand corrected.

Ed Westwick, however, was born in 1987, which makes him 21 (also making him a part of the grand TV-high-schoolers-not-actually-played-by-teenagers tradition). Old enough to drink and all, but still a bit young for Drew.

And, while wandering around in the IMDB, I discovered some additional random information:
I love the IMDB.


EDP said...

I love Drew Barrymore, but she has taken the Winona Ryder model of extreme serial monogamy and kicked it up a notch. I'm not hating; just an observation. Ah, Eric Stoltz. Back in my day, he was the quirky chick's heartthrob. I'm sticking with Fox.

Zil said...

Ah yes, he won over all the ladies in Some Kind of Wonderful. Much like John Cusack in Say Anything.