15 January 2009

Island Life

Ok, the news about Ricardo Montelban's passing made me think about Fantasy Island, which made me remember this thing that has since been making me think I’m crazy, so I thought I would see if anyone can assuage my fears.

I totally remember an episode of Fantasy Island with the following plot: This woman comes to the island, and I don’t quite recall what her fantasy was, but I think it was something to the effect of wanting to find some man who had swept off her feet or something. So she goes out with this guy, and they have a lovely dinner and hit it off and such and sleep together, I think (on the first date...shocking, Fantasy Island!) The next day, she wakes up and she’s not in the dude's bedroom, but in what turns out to be some sort of nicely appointed house/prison with all these other women. Turns out, after the dude sleeps with a lady, he then locks her away in his basement and forces her to be a hooker. I know! There is like this stern Madame-type woman running the place (who I think was his original conquest/captive/hooker) who like, beats the Fantasy Island woman with a metal rod when she tries to escape. Eventually, I think the
Fantasy Island woman rallies all the hookers together to escape captivity. (note: after some poking around on the interwebs, I think this episode does exist. Hooray, not crazy!)

So, how fucked up is that? Also, bear in mind that I was watching this as a child. Like, a young child. I loved the Love Boat/Fantasy Island Saturday night combo, although in retrospect, I’m not sure how age appropriate it was. Love Boat was fine, that show was mostly hijinx and goofiness mixed with vague sexual innuendo and dinners at the Captain’s table. And Isaac, your bartender. Fantasy Island, on the other hand, was often quite dark. Mr. Roarke was kind of sinister. He
had weird magical powers, and he granted people their wishes, but was always telling them to be careful what they wish for and warning them that they have to accept the consequences of their actions. Plus, all kinds of crazy shit was always going down on that island, like time travel and people turning into other people and people living alternate versions of their lives or randomly hanging out with historical figures.

Seriously, what was up with that show? I also remember an episode where the devil comes and tries to steal Mr. Roarke’s soul, and another one where he has to save this possessed girl from the devil. That's a lot of devil for prime time TV. And half the time the people almost died during their fantasies (and some actually did die). I guess it’s like that old ghost story or cautionary tale or whatever The Monkey’s Paw, where people wish for something they want but they get like the worse most fucked up version of it (If you're not familiar, Read it here)

Actually. Now that I think about it, maybe Fantasy Island and the island from Lost are the same place. That would explain a lot. Either that, or islands are just a common setting for weird stuff.

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