01 February 2009

An open letter to Pottery Barn

Dear Pottery Barn,

I'm really enjoying that item I purchased from you, like three years ago. However, I really don't need to continue to receive approximately 35 catalogs a year from you. If I need to make a purchase from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Bed & Bath, or PB Teen, I assure you that you will be the first to know.

Until then, please stop slaughtering a pine forest every 3 months just to ensure that I will have these never ending opportunities to purchase over-priced, mass-produced goods.

Thanks ever so much, Zil

P.S. Did Seinfeld teach you nothing?


EDP said...

OK?! I bought one duvet cover - one - on deep discount two years ago, and the onslaught of Pottery Barn catalogs WILL NOT END.

Zil said...

That is exactly how they got me...the discounted duvet cover! Insidious.