13 May 2009

word verification

I seem to have gotten a lot of interesting verification words lately when I posted comments on blogs or ordered stuff online. I decided that they needed definitions:

  • The person who is the second runner-up in a game of eeny, meny, miny, moe. (variant spelling: meeineman)

    "I wanted to be "it" in our game of hide-and-seek, so I was hoping to be moe. Unfortunately, I was just the menyman. We should have done one potato, two potato."

  • The variety of awe that occurs just below the level of regular awe. (i.e. when something is awesome, but not that awesome)

    "That painting is beautiful. I'm awestruck"
    "Eh, it's ok. It only fills me with subawe"

  • 1. common plumbing problem

    "What's the matter with the sink?"
    "The drain has a clogin"

    2. Type of folk dancing

    "What are those people with the stompy, tappy shoes doing?"
    "Clogin' "

  • Type of person who can convince people to do things. People who posses a wheedling, cajoling personality.

    "Somehow Jake convinced me to drive him to the store today"
    "Yeah, I lent him $20 to spend there. He's quite the slystor"

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