21 November 2007

It's got a nice ring to it

You know how you read something or someone says something or you just hear a word or a phrase and you think "that would be a great band name"? Happens to me all the time. Thought I would keep track of some. So, if you have a band you're looking to name, feel free to help yourself. All I ask is you eternal gratitude and and mention in your liner notes (or the online equivalent) and a few casual mentions in your Rolling Stone interviews or Behind the Music.

Our first contender: Unilateral Neglect

Origin: Listening to an interview on NPR with some scientist discussing how our brains work and how they can compensate for injuries and such. Unilateral Neglect is when you have a stroke or something in one side of your brain, and it causes you to to behave as if one side of your sensory space is nonexistent. From our friends at Wikipedia:

In an extreme case, a patient with neglect might fail to eat the food on the left half of their plate, even though they complain of being hungry. If someone with neglect is asked to draw a clock, their drawing might show only the numbers 12 and 1 to 6, the other side being distorted or left blank. Neglect patients may also ignore the contralesional side of their body, shaving or adding make-up only to the non-neglected side.
Very cool concept and also cool sounding, especially if you band is from the "I'm a tortured artist" school.

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