29 November 2007

The proper method for dealing with bad grammar

So I finally watched the "Lois kills Stewie" episode of Family Guy (not to be confused with the "Stewie Kills Lois" episode that came before it.) I watch Family Guy sporadically, usually on Cartoon Network rather than Fox. That show kind of grows on you, I like it much more now than I did before.

Anyway, in this ep, Stewie becomes President of the World. One of the laws he passes is that "anyone using the words 'irregardless,' 'a whole nother,' or 'all of the sudden' will be taken to work camps." I am down with this, except for "a whole nother", which I say alarmingly often. I also agree that work camps are generally a fair punishment for bad grammar.

Is it wrong that I would prefer Stewie as president to the majority of the republican candidates?

Also, every time I see the clip of Chris saying "I'm so hungry, I could ride a horse", I laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time.

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