02 January 2008

7 unrelated things

  1. I'm coming off a 2 week Christmas vacation. I haven't gotten that much time off for the holidays since I was in college. Even when I worked for the university, I still only got a few days off, despite the fact that the students were gone for damn near a month. Vacation is good.

  2. I was right about Smells Like Teen Spirit (see previous post for details...)

  3. It's cold outside. Now, I realize that cold is a relative concept and many of my yankee/ex-pat friends will not cry tears for my Floridian winter, but the high today is only supposed to be 47 or so and it will be down into the teens tonight. That's cold around these parts. Although it is sunny and blue skies abound, which beats dreary, rainy cold.

  4. Did you know that the University of Central Florida in Orlando is the 7th largest university in the U.S.? That doesn't seem right.

  5. Lynne Spears is releasing a parenting book? Through a Christian publishing house? Words fail me...

  6. There's a new version of American Gladiators scheduled to premier this week. My guilty admission: I loved that show. Actually, I will generally watch any of those competition type shows...World's Strongest Man, lumberjack games, Pro Bowl Skills Challenge...I'm really not discriminating. I blame too much Battle of the Network Stars and Laff-A-Lympics in my youth.

  7. I should have double good luck these days. Not only did I eat my Hoppin' John yesterday, but I also remembered to say "rabbit rabbit" yesterday morning. Of course, now I have to go knock wood so I don't jinx it...

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