20 August 2008

Howdy, strangers

So, I’ve wandered away from the blog again. But, this time I have an excuse other than my short attention span and natural tendency toward procrastination. During the horrible lightning incident, my cable modem got destroyed. Also, my hard drive died. This could have been a result of the horrible lightning incident or it could have just been coincidentally bad timing (the computer was having issues already). At any rate, the accursed machine was off getting fixed for TWO WEEKS (don’t even get me started on why that took so long, I am totally getting a mac very soon). Then, the morning after I got the computer back, I went on vacation for a week and then I had to go out of town for work. After that (which brings us to this past weekend) I was in fact a lazy procrastinator with no excuse. But, now I have returned and will add some relevant data soon. Hooray!

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KMS said...

You need to blog about your trip to Key West, indeed.