23 July 2008

Nature can mess you up good

So, I’ve been off the blog for a while and here is the reason why. Let’s begin with this post, composed over a week ago (way back on July 12, in fact):
Well, it’s 9:50 pm on a Saturday night and I’m sitting here in the dark as I have no power in my house. Earlier this evening, there was a hellacious storm with the thunder and the lightning and the blowing out of transformers and such. I’m just home, minding my own, watching a little television and bam! Huge flash of lightening, simultaneous crack of thunder, and then no electricity whatsoever. That was at about 6-ish this evening, so the lack of power is getting a little old at this point. And it is extra annoying, because from where I sit, I can see that the neighbors on one side have electricity. Apparently, I am right on the edge of whatever grid the power outage is affecting.

So, several things
1. I cannot tell you how many times I have flipped on the light switches out of habit. Even though I am walking through the house holding a flashlight, I still automatically reach for the switch upon entering a room.

2. At this point, it is clear that the power is most likely going to come back on after I’m asleep, at which point everything that was turned on when the power went out will come back on and wake me up and that will annoy me.

3. Last time I checked, I was in FL and it was summer. And, no electricity means no AC. Not even a fan. Although, surprisingly, it’s not actually broiling hot in here yet. The AC was on right up until the power went off (which was fortuitous as I don’t always run the air that much) so the house was pretty cool. Also, I think the rain cooled things off, which was helpful.

4. Thank god for Apple and their fabulous personal electronic devices. My iPhone and iPod are serving me well. I watched Blades of Glory (hadn’t ever seen it, it was as expected) and now I’m into my stash of Sports Night Episodes (God I love that show. What is wrong with people that no one watched it?) Also, my laptop battery is hanging in, allowing me to type this. Although, there is no power to the router so no wireless, which means I can’t post this until I am once again with power.

And now I return to you, many days later, to relate the fall-out of said storm and tell of the personal tragedy that has befallen my home. The victims: 2 television sets (one fairly nice, one a hand-me-down from the parents), one cable modem (that’s Comcast’s problem fortunately), and one wireless router (I think). Also, my computer died the next day. That would seem to be not directly related to the storm, but who knows. On the plus side, the A/C was unharmed, and my work laptop still functions, so I haven’t been completely without computing ability. But, I’ve been too busy buying TV’s and dealing with overpriced computer repair dudes to properly blog. Which, since no one reads this, hasn’t really been a problem. But, things are on the mend. We are back up to a full contingent of TV’s at the house (the new one in the living room is so pretty) and the overpriced computer dudes claim a new hard drive will fix me up, although I think I will seize this as an excuse for a shiny new computer. Thus ends my tale of woe.

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