30 September 2008

Bumper sticker

"The only Bush I trust is my own"

While I applaud the general sentiment, what exactly does this actually mean?


EDP said...

I think — and I could be dead wrong about this — it's a crude reference to a certain part of the female anatomy. I think.

Zil said...

I believe you are correct, I just thought "I trust my vagina" was a weird sentiment. Or is it more acurately, "I have confidence in my pubes"? It just seems like such an odd thing to say "I don't trust the president, but I believe in my genetalia". I just think the whole Bush/bush thing is a bit of a stretch.

KMS said...

I'm proud and confident in the power of my bush. I'd rather my undercarriage be in charge of the US of A, instead of what we've currently got.... Indeed, a stretch, but I like the chance to be personal bush proud.