01 September 2008


Here's some photos from my recent trip to Key West. I went with my dear friend Lady Byron and almost 5-year-old BiSH (poor daddy had to stay in the UK to bring home the bacon...and tomatoes and mushrooms and black pudding...all that freaky English breakfast stuff). He was greatly missed, but we persevered.

We were there the week before Tropical Storm Fay came along and required everyone to evacuate...that would have SUCKED. And it was good that I was back in Tally to deal with the biblical-style flooding.

We took the ferry over from Ft. Myers, which definitely seems like the way to go. Otherwise, you're looking at quite a drive. I would not, however, recommend coming home on a Sunday evening like we did. It's totally worth extending your trip a day to avoid a Sunday return. If not, you face a boat full of drunken weekend/daytrippers (and the boat has a full bar, so the party continues.) It's not pretty. Almost, but not quite, as bad as the time I took the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, on which the party of young men next to me had had the foresight to bring a case of Carling tallboys on board to see them through the crossing.

Anyway, despite being a lifelong Florida girl, I had never actually been to the Keys. In my defense, the Keys are really far away from Tallahassee, over 600 miles. If you drove north instead of south, you would make it through Georgia, Tennessee, and most of Kentucky in the same number of miles. I know you can fly there in no time, but it seems like if you are getting on a plane already, there are so many other, farther away places to see...

Anyway, the trip was fun. We saw all the sights (Hemingway's house, Truman's house, Duval Street, the Southernmost point, etc), snorkeled and swam, bought a lot of stuff, ate well, and enjoyed many a frozen drink.

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