02 November 2008

Joe the Biden

Today I attended the the Joe Biden Rally over at FSU, where I got to stand in the front row and shake his hand, which was pretty cool. He seems like a nice man, and I look forward to his being our VP. There were a bunch of McCain protesters outside the rally, waving signs and generally trying to disrupt things. They had some sort of siren that they kept setting off during Biden's speech, but you really couldn't hear it, so their efforts were for nothing. They were also screaming and playing with their siren during the part of the speech where Biden was talking about reaching across the aisle and healing partisan differences, and working together for the good of the country, so nice one, McCain-ites.

Here's another tangentially related thing that happened yesterday. I went to get a pedicure with my friend Lucy (Black Onyx was my selected toenail color, in case you were curious). Afterward, we were standing outside the Tallahassee Mall by her car. She and her husband, Ricky, had been canvassing for Obama that morning. One of the houses they passed by had a McCain/Palin sign in the yard, but it also had a pile of 4 or 5 Obama signs that the resident had obviously snatched out of people's yards. Lucy and Ricky took the signs for redistribution (which I think works as some sort of metaphor for the whole "Obama wants to redistribute your wealth" thing that McCain is always on about with Joe the Plumber these days, but I can't quite work it out at the moment) Anyway, she had the signs in her trunk, and so I walked over to her car to get one. We were standing there chatting and I was holding the sign, when out of nowhere, this 30-ish African-American dude walks up to me and says "I just want to tell you that I'm a McCain supporter, and you might as well throw those signs away." Very odd...

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EDP said...

Wow, that is a bizarre set of circumstances. Then again, I'm black and I have family members who actually voted for Bush. Seriously. For some people, there are only two issues — and I think you know what they are. I love my aunts, but wow.