25 March 2009

What sort of witchcraft is this?

So, I see this car every so often, always on Tharpe St. when I'm on my way home from work, and every time I see it, it makes my head explode a little.  I finally managed to get a photo of it.  For your consideration:

It's a little hard to see in the photo, so here is the gist of all those bumper stickers on the bottom:
  • Goddess Bless America
  • I'm pagan and I vote
  • Freedom of religion means any religion
  • Yes, I'm a witch. Deal with it
  • (pentagram) Clergy
  • (pentagram) No, that's not a star of David
So...I'm guessing you're a witch?  Which is all well and good.  More power to you, I say.  My issue lies not in the stickers on the bumper, but the one on the right side of the trunk:

A "W" sticker?  Really?  Because of all the religious tolerence?  I'm so confused.  (Also, is that a Fraternal Order of Police sticker above it?  It's faded, so it's hard to tell. Unrelated, but interesting).  I know the Republican party claims to have a big tent and all that, but I still don't get this.  The cognitive dissonance hurts my head.

1 comment:

EDP said...

OK, this person has to be messing with us. I don't know any "dark arts" witches, and that's the only explanation.