23 July 2009

If you have to have ads, at least make them entertaining

So, we're visiting both ends of the unsolicited advertising spectrum this week. First, I encountered the scary teeth in the previous post. But that was balanced out by this charming lad who also recently appeared in my yahoo mail.

That is just funny. It almost seems like it could be a fake ad in the Onion. Good for you, unnamed insurance company whose name I cropped out of the image and therefore don't remember now. That's some good comedy you've got there.


dj evol eno said...

It's an old joke I think I saw on a sketch comedy show like...damn, what was the name of that show...well, anyway, they stole it from someone... But it is pretty funny.

KMS said...

OK, this is indeed funny. The Onion-esque vibe has won me over.