17 July 2009

An open letter to people who use words

Dear speaker,

Just a few things I would like to call to your attention:
  1. Words that start with “es” should not generally not pronounced as if they start with “ex”, i.e. it’s es-specially, not ex-specially; es-spresso, not expresso. I noted this last week, but it seems to be spreading.

  2. The abbreviation “vs.” does not stand for “verse”. It’s versus, people. Two syllables. Please use them both. "FSU versus Miami", not "FSU 'verse' Miami". That’s just lazy.

  3. Please stop saying “chillaxe”. Just…stop.
Thanks ever so, Zil


downtown guy said...

I tend to mispronounce words that start es-, as a result of having a heavy lisp as a child.

Zil said...

That's a valid excuse. But, I maintain that there is no excuse for chillaxe.

downtown guy said...

On that, we are agreed.

I also say "elks" instead of "else". Same reason as the es- thing.

EDP said...

There is also no excuse for "ridonkulous." That must end.