28 July 2007

Arts and Crafts

So, I often have stuff around the house that I think is cool, but that I'm not sure what to do with it. Such was the case with these really pretty glass balls. Actually they are glass floats that used to be used by fishermen to hold up their nets and crab traps and such. Anyway, I had 6 of them that were given to be by a friend when he moved. I recently bought one more at an antique store (the orange one, I was just so taken by the color. It's like I'm a house cat or something...ooh look...sparkly!)

Anyway, the recent addition of a new member to the glass ball family made me think I should do something with them. I had long ago cut them out of the rope net things that they had been in... while that may be practical for use in the fishing trade, I'm not going to be out angling with these things. And the thick-ish ropes make it hard to see the pretty colors. They had been sitting in a bowl on the dinning room table, looking like perfectly round multicolored fruit. But, they really needed to be somewhere where they get some light. Then a brainstorm...not on the dining room table, over it. A dowel, some fishing line, and a couple of hooks later...voilĂ !

Chandelier. Or at least, chandelier-esque.

Here it is the context of the dinning room as a whole:

Like it? I do.


KMS said...

Like it? LOVE it! As always, you make the smallest of things look cool and interesting in your fab home. I think that's called good taste.

redchris said...

Totally love it. Jealous. Can you come decorate my house now?