11 July 2007


Here is how little it takes to make me happy.

On my way to work this morning, I stopped for a bagel. So, the problem I usually have with the people in the bagel service industry is this—uneven bagel halves. I believe that the bagel people slice so many bagels in a day, they don’t really pay that much attention anymore. Plus, it’s really early in the morning and no one really functions that well in the bright shiny new day. The bagel people are just alert enough to not slice off a digit with the big knife, but not so alert that they don’t leave me a bagel featuring one super fat side and one pathetically skinny side.

This is particularly problematic if like me, you plan to toast your bagel upon arrival at the office. When I place my mismatched bagel halves in the toaster, the skinny side gets extra crunchy and dark, while the fat side remains all bready and not so much with the toasty. Alas.

But not today. Today, not only was there a very cute new boy working behind the counter at the bagel shop, but he cheerfully presented me with a perfectly sliced, two-halves-of-equal-size, tasty whole wheat bagel.

Good morning to me.

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