18 October 2007

Did I mention I went to Colorado?

Um, yeah...cause I went to Colorado. Like a month ago at this point, but I finally get around to bringing it up. Never been to the CO before. Nice place. Big Mountains. Here they are from afar:

As compared to the mountains in North Carolina:
Some what similar, but the NC mountains are about 5000 ft and the CO ones can get up around 15000 ft, so...not quite the same. Also, I seem to take a lot of photos out the car window.

Anyway, we went up to
Rocky Mountain National Park which was lovely but also kind of scary. The road you drive on is quite twisty and there are cliffs that you drive right next to and there is like no guard rail between you and a big drop off a cliff. I'm glad I wasn't driving...it was nerve wracking enough in the passenger seat.

At any rate, it was raining when we first got there, but it stopped pretty quickly, which enabled us to encounter this ridiculous sight (click on the photo for enlargement):

Yeah, we're actually looking sort of down at the rainbow. Like we are so high, we're above the rainbow, or at least on the same level. Here it is in motion:

Also entertaining was the fact that there are elk. Lot's of elk. Like everywhere. And they pretty much get to go wherever they want. Here they are on a golf course in the middle of downtown Estes Park:

Please note the golfers just casually putting on the green and continuing their round (click on the photo for an enlarged view). Which is noteworthy because just out of the frame of that photo you will find this guy:

Who does not look like he should be trifled with. Nor should his ginormous antlers, for that matter

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