12 October 2007

I heart fall

Fall is here, as all my Yankee and internationally based friends have been telling me for a month (Lady Byron...I'm looking in your direction) But up until now, no evidence of said season was to be seen here in the FLA. Until yesterday. Yes, mark your calendars, October 11 finally brought a chill into our humid and temperately hostile land.

Oh first sign of fall, how I love you. Oh day of days, you bring me such happiness. Don't get me wrong, the Florida summer is not without it's charms. Excellent swimming weather and all that...it's just so long. So very long. I remember that as a kid I would get so annoyed in August, when all the back to school clothes would show up in the magazines and stores. Sweaters and scarves and corduroy pants galore...none of which could be worn by me for at least 2 more months. September is shorts weather, as is October and often much of November. An outdoor Thanksgiving is not unheard of.

As August trudges toward it's sweaty conclusion, I always find myself eagerly waiting for that first cool-ish day. A day when you wake up and go outside and suddenly the air is crisp and the breeze is chilly and all is right with the world.

The signs of fall have been appearing for sometime now, the kids are back in school, football season has begun, the new television season has launched...I'm glad the weather finally decided to get on board. Changing leaves can't be far behind....

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