28 June 2008

An open letter to Rufus Sewell

So, I don't claim to have seen your entire body of work. Actually, I've probably only viewed a very small portion of it. But, based on my limited research, I offer this advice...try playing a nice guy once in a while.

By my count, your were a/the bad guy in the following movies: The Illusionist, The Holiday, A Knight's Tale, and Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence. Those are just the ones I've seen. A cursory glance at a few plot summaries reveals that you were probably also not so nice in The Legend of Zorro and Bless the Child. I'm sure you have played a hero in some of your work, (seems like you might have been ok in Tristan + Isolde) and I have great hope for you upcoming foray into American television. It's just that lately it seems like every time I come across you, you are either playing a cad or a sociopathic nobleman.

The thing is, you are smoking hot, and god knows the ladies love a bad boy, just maybe not one that may kill her in her sleep. Just a heads up...

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RuGirl said...

You may want to check out "The Woodlanders", "Cold Comfort Farm" and also "Dark City" (recently re-released). They are great movies that highlight Rufus's versatility, smoking-hot body, and his ability to play a nice guy once ina while