23 April 2009

What is wrong with me?

So I just got back from a run and the following things happened:
  • I successfully competed one circuit around the trail without incident (i.e.: falling down)
  • I started walking a second lap to cool down
  • While walking, I stumbled over a root. Didn't fall though...
  • Thought "ha ha, I will have to mention that on my blog, that I didn't trip while running, but almost fell while walking."
  • Decided that I should run a little more, since I wasn't completely exhausted and I'm trying to be able to run farther and/or faster.
  • Started running, went a little ways, tripped over a root and wiped out
  • Lay on the ground and laughed at own clumsiness/stupidity
I banged up the same leg as on Tuesday (and Wednesday, for that matter) Fortunately this time I missed the existing knee and ankle injuries and hit the lower part of my leg. Giant scrape along the outside of my shin.

Lest you be concerned that I have developed some horrible inner ear thing or vertigo that has rendered me unable to keep my self upright, I will point out that I actually tripped over stuff, I didn't just keel over. But, I have got to find a less root-y trail. Or pick my feet up more, I suppose...

So in 3 days that's a bruise on my knee, a puncture (from the bike chain thing) and a lump on my ankle, and now a scrape on my lower leg. And all on my left leg, I guess I must favor that side somehow. So bumps and bruises and lacerations and contusions. Man, I'm such a spaz.

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dj evol eno said...

Play it safe like I do...I spend a lot of time on the track (it's better for our old bones/joints) and a LOT less roots. ;-)