06 April 2009

Who exactly is designing these pants?

So, I am not a short girl.  I’m not like freakishly tall or anything, but I’m around 5’7’’-ish, which is a bit above average for a woman.  (Ok, I looked it up and the average height for an adult female in the U.S. is 5 feet 3.8 inches.  That is totally short, yo.)  So what I want to know is: what is up with pants today?  

I bought a pair of pants this weekend, and marked on the tag it clearly says “regular” (referring to the length, as opposed to “short” or “petite” for your more vertically challenged individuals, or “long” for those who actually are freakishly tall)  Regular would seem to indicate “for those of average height”, right? So why are these pants like 4 inches too long? I had the same problem with a pair of Levis I bought a while back.  If I wore them without shoes, the cuffs reached down past my heels so I was walking around with half my foot covered in denim.  Are women’s pants designed for giants?  I realize it’s better to err on the side of too long.   Pants that are too long can be hemmed, but it’s a bit impractical to try to make them longer after the fact.  But, isn't that what the “long” version is for?  I think they are trying to fit too many people into the “regular” category.  I mean, if the "regular" length will work for someone who is 6' tall, then who exactly is buying the "long" version?  Is there a previously unknown race of Amazons in need of pants?

Anyway, I’m wearing the new pants today with heels, and they are about right (and I realize that choice of shoe can impact pant length, which is a whole other pain in the ass), so I think I can get away without hemming them (as long as I never want to wear these pants with flats.)  Girl clothes are complicated.


EDP said...

I am having the same problem. I'm just under 5'4" — not sideshow short at all - and every single pair of jeans is ridiculously long. Like, I could cuff them three times before they fit properly.

Zil said...

Yeah, at 5'4'', you are apparently exactly average, whereas it seems that I actually am freakishly tall. Although, that seems like even more of a reason why the pants length thing is crazy. If they are 4 inches too long for me, then they are like half a foot too long for "average" folk.

EDP said...

I do see a lot of kids wearing long-ish jeans with flip-flops, with the hem dragging the ground. But I would be literally stepping on them.