03 June 2009

An open letter to the Denver Nuggets

Dear Nuggets,

Thanks for forcing me to have to root for the Magic.   Because while I don’t really like them at all, the Lakers truly bug me.  I’m tired of Phil Jackson and all his Zen master hoopla.  And also, shut up, Kobe.

It’s not the Lakers’ fault, really.  It’s the whole L.A. vibe that gripes me.  All those celebrities in the stands…so annoying.  Led by Jack Nicholson.  Oh Jack Nicholson, how did I manage to leave you off my irrational hatred list. You are definitely a member.  The way you wear sunglasses all the time.  You are inside, Jack.  I do not believe you have an eye condition that requires those. And the way you have become a parody of yourself.   You no longer have to act in films, you just have to act like Jack Nicholson.  (And that is a shame, because you are a fine actor and I do enjoy a number of your performances.  In fact, it is not your film performances that bother me. I’m just sick of seeing your mug in the audience at awards shows, where the host then has to call attention to how cool you are.)  Oh, and if you could date a woman near-ish to your own age for a change, that would be refreshing.

Oh, and back to you, Nuggets.  Thanks also for causing me to have to think more about Jack Nicholson than I would normally like to in a day.  Fortunately, I’m not planning on watching the games, so I won’t have to endure all the cuts to Jack sitting in the stands.  In his damn sunglasses.

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