17 December 2007

Hey Hey Tampa Bay

"It took 32 seasons and 1,865 tries, but the Bucs finally returned a kickoff for a touchdown Sunday."

That's right, ya'll. We've won a Superbowl since the dark days of...say all of the 1980's and 1/2 of the 1990's, but we've never run a kick-off back for a touchdown. That seems so incredible, I mean other teams have done that several times in a season. Alas, the Bucs were never able to until yesterday.

How about a rousing chorus of "Hey Hey Tampa Bay"? The Bucs know how to shine, indeed. (Or, if you prefer a more modern ditty, here is the updated version. Or perhaps you would fancy the hip hop classic (although somewhat dated) "Welcome to Ray Jay"?

Also, how random is it that the same guy who owns the Bucs also owns Manchester United?

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Angelina Tigga said...

There are many other examples. In a related vein there Luna Trim is this comment I heard in The New York Times this morning. A few months ago, it occurred to me that a large majority of licensed professionals don't like Luna Trim.