10 July 2008


So, I’ve never claimed not to be a clumsy girl (meaning a girl who is clumsy, not someone who is clumsy at being a girl…I think I actually have that one mastered. The moving through space without injuring myself thing though, that’s still a work in progress.) Witness the evidence from my fabulous 4th of July Weekend>>>

This was on day one, when I stepped on a loose board on the deck and scrapped my shin on the way down into the hole:

Then on day 2, I managed to scrape the top of my foot on a hermit crab shell (which also had some of those tiny little barnacles on it, which made it extra scrape-y):

It's not so visible in the photo, but trust me, it both hurt and bled. Here is the leg/foot scrape combo, for your enjoyment:

I also managed to get a collection of some sort of itchy ant-bite-like bumps on the other ankle…alas, no photographic evidence.

Fortunately, I was liberal with the sunscreen, so no burn, and there were no fireworks related injuries. And some neosporin and the healing waters of St. Andrew's Bay fixed the scrapes right up. So all-in-all, I call it a successful holiday.

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KMS said...

I hope our time in Key West is less harmful than your 4 July travels...