25 July 2008


So earlier I mentioned that I had been getting an inordinate number of junk emails offering me the opportunity to participate in internet gambling as well as to purchase Viagra and knock-off Rolexes at fabulous discounts. For a while after that, it seemed I had graduated to offers for celebrity sex tapes. Now, I’m just getting these emails that have no text, just a link that goes to who knows where. The thing is, they have these truly bizarre subject lines that totally make me want to click on the link. I mean, I refrain…because did I mention this is my work email and my work computer? But it’s so tempting…

Here are 2 I received just today:

  • God Destroys Boise For Not Being Gay Enough
  • Angelina Jolie Set To Destroy Own Vagina

What? I mean, really, what?

The entire email consists of just one of those subject lines and then a link that says “click to watch video.”

I really want to click it.

Crafty marketing there, internet spammers…kudos to you.

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