20 October 2008


So, Wahlberg on SNL…Funny in theory, I guess, but he still came off as kind of a tool.  I also missed this whole thing on Kimmel, where he said he wanted to punch Samberg in the face (I’m paraphrasing, add a lot more “fucks” and you get the gist.)

So now the questions is, was the whole thing a set up for him to appear on SNL to promote Max Payne?  If so, that’s really round-about marketing.  Also, he still had to look like a dick all week leading up to the show. 

I think it started out real.  His original comment was legit, he was actually pissed at the sketch. Then, either he or his handlers decided he was looking like a bad sport and they needed to spin it, so he went on the show.  Also, I've spent way too much time thinking about Mark Wahlberg recently...


EDP said...

OMG, I am so happy someone else thought Wahlberg came off like a (rhymes with 'swoosh tag'). I saw him on Kimmel, and I was like, "Why are you so pissed off about this?!"

Zil said...

For real. It seemed so disproportionate. Plus, I still maintain that the sketch was funny. Made me laugh, anyway.