22 October 2008

STD greetings?

So, what do we think about this
Valuable public health service or disturbing misuse of e-cards?  I can't quite make up my mind...

(click on the image to enlarge)


EDP said...

Hmmm. This doesn't seem like the kind of news that should be shared via e-card, but it's better than not saying anything at all. Still, it seems like telling someone via text - someone who wouldn't welcome the news - "I'm pregnant."

KMS said...

Being of mature body but immature sense of humour, I initially saw the myriad of pranks I could do with these. Once I stopped laughing, I realised I am in favour, because it's better than not telling someone at all. It sucks having to say this type of thing in person (I had someone tell me a similar message once, and I wanted to just die from shame, embarrassment and remorse...thankfully I was not involved in the infection; the person had slept with plenty of other disease-carriers after me) and at least it's a way of getting the facts to someone who needs to know. I'm all for speading the word in whatever way is effective and efficient, and if this mode takes away the shame barrier, I'm a supporter. (and if you don't have a disease to share, you can always use them for pranks)