23 October 2008

I love the Piemaker

Dear people who watch television,

It seems that none of you are watching Pushing Daisies.  What on earth is wrong with you?  Please take whatever steps are necessary to remedy this situation. Immediately, people!

Love, Zil


downtown guy said...

I love the show, but that's my bar trivia night. I'll be catching back up via dvd.

Zil said...

Is that at Gill's on Wednesday? I go on Monday. Pop culture night is easier on the brain. I do go occasionally on a Wednesday, though.

I'm just worried Pushing Daisies is going to get canceled due to the shitty ratings. Sigh...

downtown guy said...

Yep. I'm on the loud team - Drinkin Bout It - on Wednesdays. We're usually too busy drinking to be very good at it, but we do have fun.

I watched the 1st season religiously, and I would watch the 2nd if my team didn't need me.